Our Standard pipe supports are comprised of three main parts:

  1. The Base:

    A sturdy riser pipe welded to a solid base plate with 4 holes for anchors. The base is available in 4 different heights and can be cut down in the field to fine tune the final height of the installed support.

  2. The Adjuster Assembly:

    The adjustment of our supports is provided by a solid machined adjuster nut and threaded pipe riser which combine to form an assembly that slides onto the base and is secured with a stainless steel set screw.

  3. The Mount Top:

    The final piece is the support top, available in saddle, flange, clamp or u-bolt mounting options. The collar of the top slides over the the riser of the adjuster assembly and secures with a stainless set screw.

While assembly of the support is a straight forward process, always refer to your projects plans and local specs for information regarding where and how to properly anchor the support. 

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